When did the gods become literate?

J.S.Pitanga jspitanga at OPENLINK.COM.BR
Thu Nov 11 03:07:41 UTC 1999

>[Stephen Hodge:]
>1.    Some of the early texts now considered as Mahayana were not
>actually composed as "Mahayana" texts but as "mahayana", if you
>understand the distinction I am alluding to.   They were composed by
>"liberal" members of Hinayana schools.

There is an Aaryabhavasa.mkrantinaamamahaayaanasuutra edited
and translated by F. Tola and C. Dragonetti, which is reported to have
been given in Raajag.rha to an assembly of both Bhik.sus and

However, Jeffrey Hopkins gives it the name Bhaavasa.mkrantisuutra
(without the mahaayaana) and says that it is (at least partly)
"established also for the Hearer [S'raavaka] Schools".

I would be interested to know if this Suutra is found in the Paali

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