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Wed Nov 10 16:14:30 UTC 1999

>Having come from Orissa and read a wholesome
>literature on tantrism and buddhism in Orissa,
>this new interpretation baffles me.
>It seems the new etymologists
>tend to be very "creative" in their thoughts
>and interpretation.  Over all, many
>of the evidences seem circular and
>not to the point.  People need to dig
>more and find more circumstantial
>evidence before drawing a conclusion.
>Others may comment.

Dr. Lokesh Chandra is an eminent historian of Buddhism.
His article is fairly old, written in 1979.
To my knowledge, Dr. L. Chandra is not an etymologist.
and he is editor of seminal Buddhist texts from China,
Tibet, .... He is based in Delhi and does not read Tamil.

Indologists are welcome to read his article in full
and comment on them.

N. Ganesan, PhD

Aside: 1500 yrs. old Tantric and Buddhist works exist in Tamil,
though not well known to Indological scholarship. Not yet, at least.

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