bones and flesh

Tue Nov 9 16:29:22 UTC 1999

Hi, Richard !

You wrote:
For instance, the fact that it is a view held by Santal groups in
Orissa is difficult to
relate to a direct tibetan influence.  It could, however, imply a old
yrs ago?) buddhist influence on Santal religion... (???)

I am interested in the Santals and their neighbouring Munda people
though the information I need seems sparse.  I suspect that these
people directly or indirectly had a strong influence on certain later
forms of tantric Buddhism.  The influence, if any,  upon the Tibetans
would via this route.  Orissa itself was a very important Buddhist
region until the 9th century -- possibly the true location of
"Oddiyana".   I note you are interested in witches -- I trace the
origin of the term "dakini" to Munda roots connected with drumming /

Best wishes,
Stephen Hodge

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