bones and flesh

Richard Gendron herrge at GEOCITIES.COM
Tue Nov 9 06:26:46 UTC 1999

>From:    Stephen Hodge <s.hodge at PADMACHOLING.FREESERVE.CO.UK>

>Hi, Richard
>I haven't had time to check any references for you, but I think this
>is also the Tibetan Buddhist view (and possibly Indian Buddhist) -- it
>may derive from medical theories.
>I'll get back to you if I can find anything.
>Best wishes,
>Stephen Hodge

Thanks for your message.  I was already aware that "flesh coming from the
mother and bones from the father" is found in Tibetan medical texts.  I
also think that Levi-Strauss mentioned this in reference to other groups in
Central Asia.

However, I am curious to see if it can be found in any shamanic texts or in
any hindu (whatever "hindu" means) text in South Asia.  I should have
specified that at this point, my interest is for such an occurence in Uttar
Pradesh or in the Himalaya, in a non-tibetan community.  For instance, the
fact that it is a view held by Santal groups in Orissa is difficult to
relate to a direct tibetan influence.  It could, however, imply a old (2000
yrs ago?) buddhist influence on Santal religion... (???)

Another related question could be : should this idea be considered
"buddhist", "hindu" or "pre-buddhist" and/or "pre-hindu" ?

Thanks again for your reply!

Richard Gendron, graduate student
Université de Sherbrooke (Quebec)

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