When did the gods become literate? Was: Are the gods literate?

Srini Pichumani srini_pichumani at MENTORG.COM
Sun Nov 7 00:06:31 UTC 1999

George Thompson wrote:

> As P. Thieme has argued in a fascinating article ["The First Verse of the
> *triSaptIyam (AV,Z 1.1 ~ AV,P 1.6) and the Beginnings of Sanskrit Linguistics"
> in JAOS 105, 1985], initiation into veda study also involved initiation into
> phonological analysis [as Thieme argues, the 'thrice-seven' cryptically referred
> to in this verse represents an old varNopadeza].

George,  I remember Prof.Deshpande referring to this article in a lecture at the U
of Michigan...  what are the 21 items of this old alphabet,  as reconstructed by
Thieme ?


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