Are the gods literate?

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at KABELFOON.NL
Wed Nov 3 16:04:10 UTC 1999

Op dinsdag, 02-nov-99 schreef Sudalaimuthu Palaniappan:

SP| Tamil ziva is indeed literate.

SP| There are some other stories regarding ziva in the Tamil zaivism
SP| demonstrating ziva's literacy. For instance, the episode of ziva preventing
SP| cuntarar's wedding involves ziva producing a document showing that cuntarar
SP| was his slave.

SP| Even more interesting is the story involving ziva at tiruvoRRiyUr. He is
SP| called ezuttaRiyum perumAn2, the Lord who is literate. A brief sketch of the
SP| story is this. A king who wanted to die asked his accountant to reduce
SP| endowments to all ziva temples. The accountant revised all the accounts to
SP| reflect that. But the next day, when they looked at the ledger, they were
SP| surprised to find that there was an insertion to the effect " excepting the
SP| temple at tiruvoRRiyUr". Of course, the endowment to tiruvoRRiyUr was not
SP| reduced!

So where did he go to school? Which degree dies he have? Has he ever heard of
Shakespear or the Tao-te Ching? Can he use Word, or WordPerfect, or does he use a bicpen? Where
does he buy his books, in Motilals?

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