S.Kalyanaraman kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET
Tue Nov 2 16:03:55 UTC 1999

Prof. Witzel noted that the Sarasvati River was also called vais'amba_lya_.
Some thoughts and queries:

1. What are the textual references where this synonym
is used? (I couldn't get access to Witzel 1999) 
2. Could this be related to a nearby river called Chambal, as a
Sanskritization of the substrate para-Munda, by prefixing vis' --the people? 
3. S'a_ma_s'a_stry noted that gava_m ayana (The Vedic Calendar, Delhi, Ganga
Publications, p.58) is synonymous with jyo_tis.a_m ayana, the march of
heavenly lights, a reference to the sacrificial year of 360 or 361 days of the
S'rauta Su_tras. Is this linkable with Sarasvati_, the Milky Way--sapta
dhenavah = sapta nadyah?
4. How was the Sapta R.s.i man.d.ala related to the Milky Way?

Regards, Kalyanaraman

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