Staal's pashubandha-pratinidhi

Tue Nov 2 05:35:06 UTC 1999

Dear Indologists,

F.Staal says the following in his book AGNI(vol 1, p.18, or vol 2. p.465):

"....During the 1975 performance of the ceremony several changes were made.
One of the most important was that no animals were killed during the fourteen
animal sacrifices traditionally prescribed. The goats were represented by
cakes made of a paste of rice flour...."

Except the vegetarian substite of pashuyajna in GrihyaSutra, anybody know that
substition for pashuyajna in "SrautaSutra"?  F. Staal also says of 1955
Vajapeya performance in Poona for the case(vol. 2, p.465). Is there any report
on the substituted pashuyajna? I shall be most grateful for the information or
biblio to help my understanding for the pashubandha-pratinidhi. 
Thanks in advance.

Jaekwan Shim

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Dept. of Indian Philosophy
Dongguk. Univ.

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