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Tue Nov 2 01:08:18 UTC 1999

Dear RM Krishnan,

>Original topic of this thread was on the origin of the name 'Agastya'.
>Iproposed that it may be equivalent to the ancient generic name like Athan
>in Tamil, Augustus/Augustine in western
>languages, Adam in early Hebrew etc. Unfortunately, there was no response
>on that point yet.

I've no opinions to offer on this subject. My response to this
thread was with the reference to South Indian brahmin conflicts,
which is what has progressed into a discussion of varnAshrama

>Now the discussion is getting diverted into Aryan invasion and varNasrama
>dharmA etc.

If you want we can rename the thread to something else. And
my arguments against the interpretation of the varnAshrama dharmam
is only partly connected with the AI theory. There are other factors
involved in a correct evaluation of the system.

>Why should we move on to HindutvAti arguements?

And I wasn't aware that the AI debate has already been bracketed
as a Hindutva topic, the action which I would definitely question.
It's certainly a sad thing, for instead of concentrating on the
subject and discussing it objectively, the recent debate on this
list progressively transformed into a personal attack fest.

I hope the varnAshramam topic too would not suffer the same fate,
for it along with the AI theory has a crucial place in INDOLOGY.
And if both these issues are not sorted out, the whole subject of
Indology is on shaky ground.

>By avoiding that and looking for kaizan type small advancements, we may
>succeed one day.

Welcome advancement made on any subject. But I personally
feel there's not much to be gained by avoiding an issue. It will only
surface later with even greater force.

>Let us drop our coloured glasses. I do not have to emphasize: if we want to
>see the history through a coloured glass, it will look coloured.

My glasses are plain and if I were to drop it, I would have trouble
seeing :-) Admitted that I've my own views (doesn't everybody? Oh! I
forgot - definitely not the ShUnyavAdin :-), but if somebody were to
prove what they claim with adequate evidence, I've no problem accepting it.

Nandakumar Chandran

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