Harry Falk falk at ZEDAT.FU-BERLIN.DE
Mon May 31 22:31:23 UTC 1999

Ramadas schrieb:

> So, in your opinion, only certain topics actually fall within the boundaries
> of the Indology list. Am I correct in my reading that only the topics which
> interest you are of importance -- the interests of the other members are of
> no importance? From reading the above it seems that subject matter which
> does not interest you fails to fall under the **profound and interesting**
> category.

pretty much so considering the interests of those who initiated this list
andkept it running in the beginning by discussing matters on the basis of
rational arguments.
Now some people (me included) have the impression that  a hoard of
fanatics unites once a day to invent a plethora of nonsential messages to
the list, being fully aware of the fact that the rest of the list members is
rather short of time trying to do serious work.
Why so?
I will never get the answer as I have started to delete all messages coming
from those well-known members who obviously have nothing else to do
but to transform every unripe idea into a fully grown email.
We should not turn our back to this list with its ever-growing mass of
emails. We should find a way to survive the present conditions. The idea to have
list was great and it still deserves to be supported.
Harry Falk

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