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> Dear List Members
> George Thompson wrote:
> I fully agree with George Thompson's view of the nature of our list, or
> rather what this list has degenerated to. When I joined the list about
> two years ago, most of the topics discussed were of interest to broader
> circles of indologists and most messages contained profound and
> interesting views and informations.

So, in your opinion, only certain topics actually fall within the boundaries
of the Indology list. Am I correct in my reading that only the topics which
interest you are of importance -- the interests of the other members are of
no importance? From reading the above it seems that subject matter which
does not interest you fails to fall under the **profound and interesting**

> These times, after three days or so, hundreds of messages pile up in our
> Inbox folders, which are for their most part, to be frank with you, of
> no value to most of us (I assume), or at least to me.

Now, let me get this straight. You are complaining to the list administrator
that the quality and quantity of messages on the Indology list do not come
up to your standards because they are of no value to you and it is time for
him to fix the problem. Is this right?


> I am sure many former members of this list have already cancelled their
> subscription. Like George Thompson I wonder where these scholars
> currently discuss matters and whether there is another indological list.
> If so, would somebody be kind enough to inform me (privately) about it?


> Alternatively, would it be possible to reorganize this list, or set up
> another one with a set of somewhat stricter guidelines regarding
> subject, content, length and amount of messages?

Ah, I see! You wish to belong to an exclusive little club which has a
restricted range of topics worthy of discussion and which is only open to
those who agree with your ideas.

> Be sure that I feel very uncomfortable writing this (last) message,
> before I cancel my subscription in a couple of days. But in my opinion
> this is not a scholarly forum anymore.
> Juergen Neuss
> Freie Universitaet Berlin

It is interesting to note that on one subject which has been under
considerable discussion in the past few days, there have been at least 15
different authors. This same applies to at least one other discussion. Now,
if such a good cross section of the Indology list engaging in spirited
discussion amounts to ** ''what this list has degenerated to'' ** then I
just do not know how such "degeneration" can be redressed. Perhaps it boils
down to Mr Juergen Neuss putting his pen to paper, or should I day digit to
keyboard, and giving us an example of the sort of things which should be
under discussion. It is all very well to criticise, but unless he wishes to
set the example of how things should be done, then his post is decidedly one
which should be placed immediately in the trash can.

Kindest regards from an Indology member who deletes messages when necessary
but who relishes reading those which are of interest.
dasa at

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