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Many thanks for Dr.Thompson and YaroslavVassilikov.
Indological fanaticism is on the ascent in recent times.As a teacher of
Sanskrit I have been experiencing rigid opposition from such fanatics for
the last quarter century.There is attempt to communalise everything.If one
goes through Zend Avesta and Rgveda  printed in Devanagari one may be
perplexed to distinguish between the two sometimes.Such is there
similarity.Dating both to the same or not far separated period is quite
natural.I agree more with Dr.Vasililikov in the dating. I think Dr.Thompson
also will be considerate since he says that no mention of horse is
available in pre1700B.C.E. non-vedic sources.  Traditinal Indologists,
Indological fanatics tend to assign even 10000B.C.E.for Rgveda.Who cares
about such exaggerations?
Dr.K.Maeswaran Nair
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University of Kerala
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