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N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun May 30 12:25:19 UTC 1999

Having been in this scholarly list for about six years now,
I come to an understanding of how the Dravidian language of
the IVC (cf. Mahadevan, Parpola) got changed into Indo-Aryan
once Aryans from Iran established in sizeable numbers
in powerful positions in the  pre-Aryan indus society fallen into
harder times.

For example, Prof. Witzel mentioned that there is no
*philology* in native India. Well, it was simply given no
chance to grow. In Tamil grammar called
pirayOka vivEkam, an application of Sanskrit grammar
onto Tamil, there is a list of clearly Tamil words existing in
Sanskrit. Not only kumArilabhaTTa, but the Dikshitar of
Pirayoka vivEkam as well, predate Burrow and Emeneau. Given the
language abilities of Indians, philology would have grown immensely
in the last two millennia, but it was given no chance to live.
A good comparison will be the recent posts on nonhuman origins
of the RV (and a reference to Madhva in RV!!!).

Prior to 1993, there was no mention of things
Tamil or Dravidian here. Still I do not see anybody holding
an academic position writing about Tamil or other Dravidian
material from universities of Europe or USA. To provide a good
counterpoint to the HindutvavAdis (ie., to tackle the
web attempts to use the West as a punch bag) will be to create
academic positions/publications bringing out the wealth of
Tamil and other Dravidian linguistics and literatures
out. If done, I am sure the attack on Linguistics,
Dating of the RV, etc., and the problems the Indian elites
have in that IVC is most likely not Sanskrit speaking
will wither away.

I wait for a day when IVC seals are deciphered by Indologists;
By now you know, I certainly discount Frawley and Rajaram.

N. Ganesan

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