Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Sat May 29 15:27:03 UTC 1999


Thanks  for  answering  my  question  and  the  update  on  the  current
head  of  the  CitrApur-ShirALi  MaTha.  Please  refer  to  it  as
CitrApur-ShirALi  MaTha  as  there  is  also  a  CitrApur-Suratkal
MaTha.  The  latter  is  a  TuLu-MAdhva  institution  come  down  from
Vijayadhvaja  TIrtha,  the  7th  pontiff  of  the  PejAvara  MaTha  of
UDupi.  Vijayadhvaja  TIrtha  is  the  official  commentator  on  the
BhAgavatam  for  the  MAdhvas.  His  brindAvana  (cenotaph)  is  located
in  KaNvakShetra,  KeraLa.  The  CitrApur-Suratkal  MaTha  is  based  in
Suratkal,  10  miles  north  of  Mangalore  City.


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