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No. Lakhan is a commonly used corruption for 'Laksmana' in Awadhi. For
instance, the Ramacaritamanasa says:

"Bihasi lakhan boley mrdubani|
Aho mumIsu mahA bhatamani ||

(Sri Laksman smiled and said- "Lo! The Munisvara Parasurama considers
himself to be a great scholar")
The contexts is the arrival of Lord Parsuram after Sitasvayamvara.

It is commonly believed that Lucknow was founded by Sri Lakshmana. Awadh and
Oudh are both corruptions of 'Ayodhya'. For an instance of the latter,
remember that the pen name of the Hindi poet 'Ayodhya Singh Upadhyaya' was
'Hari-audha' where Hari is for the word 'Upadhyaya' and Audh for Ayodhya.
Another common corruption of Ayodhya is 'Ajodhya' (as in the famous Hindi
song- "Rama bina mori sooni Ajodhya"). Modern Hindutvavadis want to rename
Luknow as 'Lakshmanapuri.'



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Mr. Bothra:

The  word  "Lakhan"  is  itself  an  indicator  that  it  is  the
"prAkRta"  of  the  original  Sanskrit  "LakshaNa".  The  word
"Lakhanoudh"  itself  may  have  been  made  into  Lucknow  but
"Lakhanoudh"  itself  was  perhaps  adopted  only  during  the  Islamic
times.  We  have  to  go  further  back  than  that.  Probably
"Lakhanoudh"  was  itself  a  contraction  of  "LakShaNapuri,


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