Comedy of Errors

Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Sat May 29 14:16:51 UTC 1999

Dear  Mr. Varadarajan:

Many  thanks  to  you  for  the  honorary  membership  bestowed  on  me
into  your  community.  I  hope  it  has  no  expiry  date!  I  could
use  it  when  I  go  to  Tirupati  next  in  order  to  have  that  few
extra  minutes  to  have  darshan  of  VenkaTeshvara.  I  showed  it  to
my  wife  and  a  few  visiting  relatives  and  we  had  a  good  laugh
about  it.  I  talked  to  our  mutual  friend  KP,  who  I  have  long
been  urging  to  join  the  Indology  list.  As  you  know  his
knowledge  of  RAmAnuja's  tradition  is  extensive  and  he  was  the
one  who  rectified  several  of  my  misconceptions.  I  am  indeed
grateful  to  him  for  that.  Anyway,  this  incident  has  now  acted
itself  as  a  catalyst  for  the  same.  Also,  this  has  happened  to
me  more  than  once.  Perhaps,  it  is  time  to  apply  for
membership  into  the  Cherokee  or  Navajo  nation.  That  should
really  clear  things  up!


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