pataJjali and pANini myths

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat May 29 11:25:33 UTC 1999

To come back to the topic of your paper (myth-making stimulated by
competition between cities or kingdoms), I would like to know
how you view the role of the city of cIkAzhi in this emulation
between maturai and citamparam? It is the most important
site of tEvAram. On a total of 799 hymns, it has 71 hymns for itself
while citamparam only had 11. Was it left out after tEvAram time?
Did it lack a minister-politician-cum-saint-and-cum-poet
(as was mANikka vAcakar?)?
Why was citamparam given the first place on the list?
How do you fit kAzhi into the global picture?
Any light you can throw is welcome.

  Of course, Palaniappan should answer this, But fools
  rush into places where angels fear to go :-)

  cIkAzi is no match compared to Madurai or Chidambaram
  at any time. But it was paramount to its own son, Campantar.
  Campantar chose to keep on singing about cIkAzi;
  That is why we have the proverb, "kAzi pAti, viizi pAti"
  as far as the quantity of Tevaram songs is concerned.


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