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May 28, 1999

RE: St. Thomas In India,
Connection between Greek City Alexandria & Grecko-Buddhist Taxila

Hi Everyone,

Bijoy Misra send ortech an interesting brief on possible visit
of Christians, or proto-christians from Greek City of Alexandria
to point south in India at the time of the Christ. One German scholar
has written a book recently claiming existence of a possible Buddhist
colony in Alexandria about the time of Ashoka several hundred years
before Christ to the period of the Christian Apostles shortly after

Is there any way to "date" such a visit of St.Thomas ? There is one German
author who has published a book on a theory that Christ himself may have
visited India by boat from Alexandria. Is there a link between
St.Thomas's visit and Christ's visit ?

One point which I am trying to research is the established trade routes
between Buddhist India during the "Greco-Buddhist" period (say 300 BC-
100 AD) between India and Greek dominated world. We know that
Ashoka's Missionaries travled the trade routes in their twin quest
for "spiritual healing" and "medical healing". Matter of fact,
Greco-Buddhist City of Taxila was well known center of Buddhist
healing during this period. What evidence can we find of trade route
connection between Taxila and Alexandria, two Greek culture domintated
centers of knowledge of that period ?

Any comments or reference from anyone is highly appreciated.

Avi Dey,
Chilka Lake Ashram Project

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