Day is night in Dravidian?

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> Are there other languages where the word for day is based on
> the word for
> night?

I addition to the words
nAl, nizal (which I had pointed out earlier)  each employed in the
senses of day and night or
light and dark, we also have another word el used similarly
in CT.
This patteren goes to show further that nAL is not alone .

el = day, night
el = night
"ellin2ir pukin2E" (malaipaDukaDAm: 416)
-->"...if you enter at night time (or as night guests)"
"el uRum mauval" (kuRu: 19: 4)
-->"...the mullai flower belonging to the night"
el = day, light

"ellai emmoDu kazippi" (akam: 200)
-->"..having spent the night with me.."

"el iDai kaziyun2arkku Emam Aka" (perum:66)
-->" a resting place for those who travel at day time"

"el aRu pozutin2 mullai malarum
mAlai" (kuRu: 234:2-3)
-->"...the evening time with no light when the mullai blossoms.."

el = day
"ellum ellin2Ru" (kuRu: 390:1)
-->"the day time has also dimmed away"


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