Indus Valley script used by Tribals in Bihar, May 1999

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Following is an informal related comment by Dr. Rajaram, which he permitted
me to post today.



The Indus script has left its impact on many Indian and West Asian scripts.
Among the relatively modern are Landa and Gurmukhi used in Punjab and Sind
(before partition). Brahmi of course is a descendant of the Indus, which was
what allowed Jha to decipher it in the first place. For this reason Jha and
I call it 'Proto-Brahmi'. There is evidence in the seals themselves to
indicate that the Harappans called their writing Brahmi. Shaunaka tells us
the same.

  Devanagari also a derivative of the Indus.We discuss all this in our


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Subject: Indus Valley Script used by tribals in Bihar, May 1999
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Please check out the following URL:

This is an abstract of a talk by Dr. Anand M. Sharan,professor of Mechanical
engineering at the Memorial University of Newfoundland.

I am naturally thrilled by this report, since it adds grist to my hypothesis
that the inscriptions were lists of bronze-age weapons; Mundas of Santal and Ranchi belt, are metallurgists par excellence...

Best regards,
Dr. S. Kalyanaraman

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