Parvata in VP 2.486-"grandhamAtrE vyvasthitaH"

Senthuran Nagalingam senthurann at YAHOO.COM
Thu May 27 17:12:56 UTC 1999

Mr. Vidyanath Rao wrote:
>This story got distorted over time, especially among
>those who didn't understand that the queen's Sanskrit

>was faulty. But the true story was preserved in the
>Potiyil tradition --- the king's original Sanskrit
>teacher came from there --- and has come down
>(karNaparampara) to some pandits of the area. In fact

>I learned the true story from one of them.

Quite possible. Look at the famous Satavahana
coin - Tamil on one side, Prakrit on the other. The
king's name is inscribed on the coin.

-Senthuran, N.
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