Stephens jpstephen at HOME.COM
Wed May 26 01:54:57 UTC 1999

Dear Mr. Ganesan,

What I am refering to are historical and really old documents (or fragments
of them)  and I will get back to you as soon as I can lay my hands on a copy
or point you in the right directions.


> <<<
> St. Thomas christians of India are talked about in early Christian
> documents at least from about 350 A.D and the ties betweent the Indian
> church and the Persian church are a established fact based on
> documentation from the period 350 A.D. or so. I will try to get some
> more specific info on this. This still doesn't establish St. Thomas's
> visit, but at least the advent of Christianity in India in the first
>   few hundred centuries A.D.
>   Pl. inform us of a university level publication talking of
> the connection between Persian and Indian churches in 4th century AD.
> Possible, but where it is written??

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