Rajarshi Banerjee rajarshi at SMGINC.COM
Tue May 25 16:59:57 UTC 1999

This may be unrelated:
I have heard a story about the history of certain brahmins of bengal (
banerjee, chaterjee etc..... ) who migrtated to bengal from kanyakubja (
eastern UP )on the invitation of ballal sen who is said to have hailed from
karnataka. I don’t know how authentic this info is.
Ballal sen was a ruler from the sen dynasty which overthrew the Palas.
I have met several kannadigas with the last name of ballal and wondered
about their connection to the sen rulers of bengal. Are they related to the
vEl clan or  the chalukyas as mentioned in this thread?

I am aware of place and people names of karnataka which end begin with vEL

belur, belagudu .... etc

Also, as pointed out by another list member kundu is the last name for some
bengali brahmins , they might have an interesting history...

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