Punjab and Aryavarta

Michael Witzel witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
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Already Satapatha Brahmana (bad language)
and even Atharvaveda 5.22, PS 12.1-2 : where you send your fever to
outlying people like the Banarsis (kAzi)/Anga (Bhagalpur area, S. Bihar) in
the east and MahAvRSa (Panjabi) and Balhika (Bactrians) in the west...
Patanjali has the oldest "Sikh joke"  : gaur bAhIkaH ....


At 8:41 -0700 5/25/99, Swaminathan Madhuresan wrote:
>When the Vedic Aryans moved further East into modern U.P., Aryavarta
>gets defined. Which Sanskrit texts downgrade the present Punjab area
>(Pakistan, India) as the land of Mlecchas and Non-Aryans? Is it in Manu?

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