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Yes, Sri Parashuram got his name because he wielded an axe, although that
need not debar him from carrying a bow as well. For instance, the story of
Ramayana wherein Sri Rama successfully wields the bow of Lord Siva brought
by Parashuram is well known.

I quoted this legend not because I believe in it, but because legends are
often based on some historical core and so I wondered if there could be any
connection between the Nambudiris and the Chitpavans. We can safely discount
any relationship beween this story and the Geological studies that show that
large parts of Coastal Kerala rose  from the Sea a few millenia ago.



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<<<I am informed according to tradition, Lord Parshuram (who destroyed
all the Kshatriyas on the earth) reclaimed the land called Kerala
nowadays by throwing his bow into the sea (the state of Kerala indeed
looks like an unstretched bow) and then settled the 64 (I am not sure
of the number) Brahmin families therein. >>>

  Didn't Parashurama have the axe, 'parashu' rather than the
bow of Ramayana's Ram?

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