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> >Dear Sir,
> >Thank you for the query.It is believed that the Kadamba king
> >Mayura(340-370A.D.) brought the Brahmins to Kerala.
> Didn't the territory of the Kadambas include territory as far north
> as Goa?
> Did Mayurasarman himself rule over the entire western coast, from
> Kerala to
> Goa?
> Vidyasankar

Is this Kadamban a Chera king?
Is Kdamban the name used in Skt literature  to refer to Cheran kings or
Classical Tamil texts frequently refer to the Cheran  dynasty as
descended from
a king who vanquished some adversaries whose "kAval maram" (guard tree
or heraldic tree?)
was a Kadamba tree growing in the midst of the ocean (on an island?).

Looks like Cheran kings favored vedic brahmins considerably because in
the CT
patiRRUppattu ( a collection of 10 decads on 10 different Cheran kings)
a handful
of them are referred to in the closing of the decads as "purOcu
("excelling the vedic brahmins in purOhita").
One of the cheran kings honored the request of Tamil brahmin poet as a
reward for his
peon on the king to send himself and his wife to the heavens by
sponsoring a
 series of 10 yagnas at the end of which the couple disappeared.

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