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The association of Lord Parshuram with the Namudiris as well as the
Konkanastha Brahmins might have something to do with their shared anscestry.
I am informed according to tradition, Lord Parshuram (who destroyed all the
Kshatriyas on the earth) reclaimed the land called Kerala nowadays by
throwing his bow into the sea (the state of Kerala indeed looks like an
unstretched bow) and then settled the 64 (I am not sure of the number)
Brahmin families therein. The name of Parsuram is infact hallowed in several
parts of Konkan (at least in the Maharashtra portion covering Ratnagiri and
other districts) and Northern Konkan has infact been called 'Parshuram' in
someold texts. For instance, a verse from Maharnava quoted in the commentary
on Saunakiya Caranavyuha says that the 'Hirnyakesins reside at Parsuram."
This is true even to this day as the followers of the Hiranyakesin Yajurveda
Shakha live even today at Ratnagiri, Alibad, Raigadh, Sidnhudurg etc. A
close friend of mine, who was my room mate at college, hailed from the same
village in Ratnagiri as Veer Savarkar (he still visits the village once a
year) and informed me that there are several Shiva temples in the region
said to have been found by Bhagvan Parshuram.



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Dear Sir,
Thank you for the query.It is believed that the Kadamba king
Mayura(340-370A.D.) brought the Brahmins to Kerala.Since they were all
Aryans coming from the North there is possibility for Nambudiris to hail
from Maharashtra also.Sir William Logan has stated in the Malabar Manual
that the Nambudiris of Panniyur of the northern Kerala had connection with
the Chalukyas and those of Chovvara with the Rashtrakutas.Even today the
temple at Mukambika (Kollur)is  visited by the Keralites in large number.
One Nambudiri family here in Trivandrum namely Kollur Madham originally
came from Kollur centuries ago. Their temple -Kollur Devi temple is still
K.Maheswaran Nair

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 > Dear Prof. Maheswaran Nair,
 > Welcome to Indology list.
 > I read in Indology some time ago that Nambudiris hail
 > from Mahrashtra. Prof. Madhav Deshpande wrote then;
 > Both Konganastha Brahmins and Nambudiris have the same
 > kuladeyvam temple - somewhere in Konkan. (I need to check
 > the archives for correct quotes).
 > Did Nambudiris arrive in Kerala from Maharashtra region?
 > When? 5th century?
 > Thanks for your answer,
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