Racial Origin of Caste (Re: varna and jati)

Stephens jpstephen at HOME.COM
Sun May 23 10:49:57 UTC 1999

I would suggest an experiment for those that strongly believe in the
Aryan/Dravidian divide in India:

Take every member from 4 or 5 generations of any one family from either the
so called "Aryan" or the so called "Dravidian" groups in India and line them
up (I do not mean literally, could be through photographs) and try to put
them in the Aryan or Dravidian pile based on physiology or genetics. You
would be surprised at the number of people that cross the line of


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Subject: Racial Origin of Caste (Re: varna and jati)

>  Genetics has recently proven that the caste system of India is racial in
> origin, with different castes representing different races :

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