Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Sun May 23 01:36:59 UTC 1999

Mr. Balasubramaniam:

Yes,  I  am  aware  of  the  practice  among  certain  Tamil  SmArtas
who  wear  "gopIcandana"  in  the  day  time  and  "bhasma"  in  the
evenings.  I  had  a  good  friend  PaNDitaratna  Candramouli  Iyer  who
did  this.  In  TuLunAD  also,  a  small  section  of  TuLu  brahmins
who  still  follow  the  SmArta  sampradAya  do  the  same.  I  am  not
surprised  at  all  because  Shankara  included  the  ShaNmatas
(Shaivas,  ShAktas,  BhAgavatas,  GANapatyas,  KaumAreyas  and  Sauras)
within  the  aegis  of  his  SmArta  sampradAya.  TyAgarAja,  the
famous  17th  century  Carnatic  music  composer  was  a  Telegu  SmArta
of  the  BhAgavata  sampradAya  and  he  wore  gopicandana.  However,  I
do  not  find  such  a  practice  among  the  KannaDiga  smArtas  of
the  Deccan  hinterland.

With  regard  to  your  other  question  the  MAdhva  praxis  of  the
samidhAdhAnam,  I  will  find  out  for  you.  Thanks  for  your


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