VarAha Carama shloka

Mani Varadarajan mani at SHASTA.STANFORD.EDU
Fri May 21 23:10:21 UTC 1999

> Many  thanks  for  your  kind  reply.  Is  the  work  of  HH  Abhinava
> RanganAtha  of  ParakAla  MaTha  easily  availible?  Where  can  one
> obtain  it.  Thanks  in  advance.

As with many publications of these maThas, it is out of
print.  If you go to the parakAla maTha in Mysore, you
may be able to find a copy. I located one in the back of
one of their bookshelves several years back. You may be
known Krishna Kalale in San Diego; he has a copy.

"Gudarthasangraha" was Abhinava Ranganatha Parakala Swami's
masterpiece and truly demonstrated his mastery of the various
systems of Vedanta.  Every Advaitic pUrvapaksha in Ramanuja's
commentary on VS 1.1.1 is traced to their Advaita sources.


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