Dr. Thompson's dating of the Rigveda

Prasad Velusamy prasad_velusamy at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri May 21 23:05:57 UTC 1999

--- Vishal Agarwal <vishalagarwal at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:

Dr. Madhuresan wrote:
  Let us work with the extant texts, I do not see a big problem
  in composing them all over India over a period of
  13 centuries. Didn't mahakavis have power to compose 1000s
  of songs overnite? Just the volume of texts may not necessarily
  lead to this conclusion.

Vishal writes:
What makes you think that all this was achieved in 3 centuries?
How do you say so? What is the probability? The rhetorical retort on
the Mahakavis is therefore worthless here and does not amount to much.

  Misrepresentation using rhetorics!
  I do not think Dr. Madhuresan is committed to the thought that
  "all this was achieved in 3 centuries".


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