Samkhyan terminology (was Re: A text dealing with Ayurveda)

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Fri May 21 22:01:53 UTC 1999

>Vishal writes: The tradition of Bhagvata Govindapada being adept at
>Rasesvara Darsana is a part of the Advaita Lore itself and is recorded in
>numerous traditional bigraphies. (I can find out some references if you
>insist). He is said to have lived very long and yet had the body of a young
>boy when his famous disciple arrived. Although Advaita does not

Yes, I would like a reference or two. That Govinda Bhagavatpada lived a long
life is an old tradition, but the connection to the raseSvara school and the
legend that he had the body of a young boy don't seem to be so. Our
mythology has many figures who lived long lives, but without any reference
to raseSvara techniques. I haven't seen any such reference in the
mAdhavIya, anantAnandagirIya, cidvilAsIya or keralIya Sankaravijaya texts,
nor in the SankarAbhyudayas.

>indeed ask
>one to preserve one's body, yet the Yogins are indeed seen to live long. In
>modern times, we have the example of Devraha Baba of Mathura who lived a
>very long life. Nobody can say that he prolonged his life because of love

Agreed, but the notion that Govinda Bhagavatpada prolonged his life through
the use of drugs is a rather strange one for Advaita lore, and indeed a
completely new one to me personally.


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