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Thu May 20 13:57:44 UTC 1999

> >> That is an important prerequisite for their scholarship, and they are
> >> proud of it. They have no faith in Western scholarship such as
> >> philology, linguistics etc, and they prefer to construct their own
> >> version of scholarship.
> Shrisha Rao wrote:
> <<<
> A very valid point; however, while completely disowning any affiliation
> with Frawley, et al., I still must point out that "Western scholarship" of
> Indic studies is often as guilty of the same sins, albeit in a slightly
> different context.  For instance, there are elaborate rules of philology,
> linguistics, etc., in regard to the Vedas which have been around for ages
> and are part of the classical Vedic tradition, which are conveniently
> ignored by people propounding "Western scholarship" (which of course
>         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> includes many Indians as well) of the Vedas, and said people may also be
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> rightly accused of not knowing what they're talking about -- a la Frawley.
> >>>

   Interested in Indian authors who counter the works of
   Indigenous Aryanism. For example, negative criticism on
   the works by Frawley, Kak, Rajaram and Talegiri. References please.

   Is it done usually by authors with a Dalit background?

   Many thanks,

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