Koil in Aligarh

Vishal Agarwal vishalagarwal at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu May 20 02:46:14 UTC 1999

Sri Ganesan wrote:
How far back Aligarh Koil
goes in time? We have any stalapuraNas, inscriptions, etc.,?

Vishal replies:
I do not know. However, I did read in a History book that it was caled by
that name at least at the time it its sack by Muslim invaders lead by
Muhammad Ghori.Interestingly, despite a strong Muslim presence, the district
still has a strong Brahmin community (20-25%)

SriGanesan wrote:
Can you please explain more on the Kawaria cult? Is anything
written about them?
Vishal replies:
I only remember them in my childhood- they carried Gangajal from Haridwar to
Meerut once a year and carried a wooden structure like thing (with Saivite
Symbols) all along the route as they walked from the Ganga to Meerut. They
are not allowed to keep the structure on the ground, and therefore when one
Kawaria has to rest, another helps him out by holding it from him.
Beyond this, I donot know anything and do not know of any literature on


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