Upanishads, MahAyAna, Advaita

Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Tue May 18 16:11:30 UTC 1999

Vide  "History  of  the  NAyaks  of  Madura"  by  R. Satyanatha  Aiyar
(Oxford  UPress  1924).  There  is  one  on  the  Nayaks  of  Tanjore
as  well.  I  have  it  in  my  library.  Can't  lay  my  hands  on  it
to  get  you  the  bibliographical  details.  Please  bear  with  me.
Eventually  I  will  find  it.  (hopefully,  in  this  lifetime).  In
the  meanwhile,  is  there  someone  out  there  who  can  give
Mr.Madhuresan  info  on  the  Nayaks  of  Tanjore  (Dr.  Thrasher  of
LOC  perhaps!)  Thanks.


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