Sri Madvacharya

Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Tue May 18 16:05:11 UTC 1999

Dear  Sri  Madhuresan:

AcArya  Madhva's  dates  are  1238-1317,  well  before  the  Nayakates
of  either  Tanjore,  Madurai  or  Gingee  ever  came  into  being.  The
3  Nayakates  mentioned  are  essentially  feudatory  spin-offs  from
the  ruins  of  the  great  Vijayanagar  Empire  which  suffered  its
downfall  after  the  Battle  of  Talikota  (against  5  Bahmani
Sultanates)  in  1565.  Even  Vijayanagar  itself  had  not  been
founded  during  AcArya  Madhva's  times.


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