Graefe Ursula.Graefe at T-ONLINE.DE
Mon May 17 10:14:56 UTC 1999

Dear indologist,
I have just read "Thug or a Million Murders" (published in the twenties) by
James Sleeman, grandson of the 19th century suppressor of thuggee Sir William
Henry Sleeman.
I got interested in the subject, especially since the book gave rise to numerous
questions as: Why were there Mohammedian thugs? Of which exact origin is the
thug goddess Bhovani? Did thugee really become extinct? Why did the British take
so much pains to hunt the thugs down, when they allegedly did not attack
foreigners? And many more.
I wonder whether there is any recent (Indian or other) research on the subject -
ethnological, anthropological, theological or literary (which is an interesting
point as well)? Does anyone know?
Many thanks in advance - Ursula Graefe

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