Upanishads, MahAyAna, Advaita

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Mon May 17 14:49:35 UTC 1999

> Mr. B. Hebbar wrote:
> >I,  together  with  my  panDit  teacher,  have  attended
> >several  tarkasabhAs  in  India  where  the  traditional  panDit
> >community  from  all  three  principal  schools  of  VedAnta  have
> >extensively  argued  for  several  days  on  "goodies"  like  "Tat  tvam
> >asi",  "Sarvam  khalv  idam  brahma",  "neha  nana'sti  kincana"  etc.
> >All  I  can  say  is  that  neither  is  the  problem  an  easy  one
> >nor  the  solution. Each  sticks  to  his  school  of  thought  with
> >great  resourcefulness  and  tenacity. However, all  leave  the  sabhA
> >in  peace  and  friendship!!!  This  has  happened  over  the
> >centuries. And  it  is  this  that  must  be  admired.  Even  the
> >royalty  in  the  ancient  times  who  patronized  these  scholars
> >politely  (and  rightly  so,  in  my  opinion)  remained  neutral  when
> >these  tarkas  took  place  in  their  courts.  On  such  example  was
> >the  reigning  NAyak  of  Tanjore  in  the  1500s  had  Appayya
> >DIkshita  (Advaita),  TAtAcArya  (VishiShTAdvaita)  and  VijayIndra
> >TIrtha  (Dvaita)  in  his  court.  At  the  end  of  the  debate  the
> >king  (it  is  said)  remarked:  "how  can  I  choose  between  the
> >three  Vedic  fires?"

 Dear Prof. Hebbar,

 I am interested in this story supposed to have happened at the
 Tanjore Nayak court. Is there any source narrating this episode?

 Kind regards,

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