Rigveda: dravidian word asavasa, speed

S.Kalyanaraman kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET
Fri May 14 04:40:19 UTC 1999

The r.ca:
parihavr.tedana_ jano yus.ma_dattasya va_yati
deva_ adabhrama_s'a va_ yama_ditya_ ahetana_nehaso va u_tayah
suu_tayo va u_tayah (RV 8.47.6)

Only by painful means does a iving man obtain the wealth which you bestow; but
he whom you, divine A_dityas, visit, wins great (riches); your aids are void
of harm, your aids are true aids. [By painful means = by      penance,
religious observances; a living ma: ana = pra_n.a-yuktah,     endowed with
life; (RV 4.30.3): pra_n.aru_pena balena; or, just a particle, 'certainly';
verily men succumb through the loss of the wealth given by you?; a_s'a vah =
a_s'avah, swiftly moving].

n. (g. %{pRthv-Adi} Pa1n2. 5-1 , 122) quickness , rapidity (Cologne Skt. lex.)

The Dravidian cognates:
asavasa = haste, speed (Kannada); asiy-a_d.u to move (Telugu); acan:ku = to
stir, move, shake (Tamil); asrna_ = to tremble (Kuruku)(DEDR 37).

What is the IE derivation of as'va, horse? Could this have been derived from
the semant. movement, speed, as in Dravidian?


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