Vaidiks & Vedic Religion

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Dr. Witzel wrote
Mr. Agarwal  informed about some local conditions which not all of us will
know, given the size of India. For example, does anyone know about Vedic
recitation in Assam and Manipur?  Cutch? That should be about the right
number: I know of remaining traditions of 2 versions for the Rgveda, 3 for
the  Samaveda, 13 for the Yajurveda, 2 for the Atharvaveda. Thus ca. 20
recensions, some very weak & fragmentary, such
as the KaTha (Kashmir), Caraka (Maharasthra), Vaadhuula (Kerala),
Aagnivesya (Tanjore area), Vaaraaha (border of Maharastra/Gujarat).
Kapisthala-Katha may survive in Gujarat. Work needs to be done on these last
remnants  before they disappear (Prof.
Y.Ikari/Kyoto U. is editing the Vadhula texts, my student S. Rosenfield the
Katha texts),  but I am not aware that anybody is  following up the other

Vishal Writes:
I had visited Nashik in December 1994 and my friend there had invited some
local Vaidiks for a ceremony at their house. There, I had a chance to hear
some 'Maitrayaniya' recitations. I spoke a little to the priest and he said
that he was a 'Varaha'  from 'Nadurbar' in interior Maharashtra. He said
that we can meet the Charakas in DhuLe, Nandurbar (both  are close to
Nashik). Beyond this I do not know. However, if you or your student plans on
visiting Nashik in the near future, please let me know and I can arrange for
your/his accomodation.
A friend of mine also met a Swami from Andhra Pradesh who informed that the
Saunaka Atharvaveda is taught at the Vedapathasala at 'Sitanagaram'. (I
donot know where this place is). In 1996, a Somayaga was performed at Pune
(I was there at that time) and the 'Brahma' of the ritual was an
Atharvavedin from Gokarna. (I learnt of the ceremony via a notice put up at
BORI). My exroomate was the grandson of a renowned Taittiriya scholar (now
dead) who could recite Taittiriya backwards, or forwards from any word
onwards!! My roomate could recite for barely 10 minutes and stated that his
grandfather would never impart this knowledge to a foreigner (what a pity!)



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