Does Purusha will?

Chris Beetle bvi at AFN.ORG
Thu May 13 14:41:25 UTC 1999

Some practical thoughts on Purusha and will:

1) Regarding the purusha as the individual soul (jiva)

It seems to me that the system of karmic rewards and punishments would be
meaningless if the purusha had no will.

Also Krishna's requests in Bhagavad-gita that Arjuna act in a certain way,
i.e. as in verse 2.45 that Arjuna transcend the modes of material nature or
in verse 18.66 that Arjuna surrender to Him, would be meaningless unless
Arjuna could choose to act in those ways.

2) Regarding the Purusha as the Supreme Soul (isvara)

This entire cosmic manifestation has come about by His will, need I say more.

Best wishes,

Chris Beetle

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