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The Chengam herostones from 6th century CE confirms the
theory on kal nATu as the ultimate source for Karnataka and kannada.
The 6th century CE herostones mention
"*kal nATTu* perm kaGkar" (Gangas from kalnADu).
Chengam herostones were edited by Nagaswamy; Dr. Nachimuthu
whose name was mentioned by Dr. Witzel recently sent the
following mail.

The CT pair cited by Palaniappan, nerunal & nen2n2al makes the
development, karunATu and kan2n2ATu plausible within Tamil itself.
Also, compare perumAn2, pemmAn2 pair. perumAn2 < peru + makan2
just like atiyan2 + makan2 -> atiyamAn2. <<<Many may not be
aware of the early Tamil brahmi inscription (discovered by
Selvaraj and published by Dr. Nagasamy) where atiyamAn2 is
called as "Satyaputo", only other confirmation for
Satyaputra appearing in Asokan edicts.>>>

In Tamil, karumAn2, kammAn2, kan2n2An all refer to the blacksmith.
Similar developments like a) nerunal, nen2n2al; b) perumAn2, pemmAn2?

N. Ganesan

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"Vanakkam.With reference to your mail on the subject the Chengam
Nadukarkal have reference to KalnATu peruGkaGkar. Recently number of
potsherds and remains of Roman amphora have been unearthed from the
banks of Noyyal near Perur.On the potsherds the name erumainATu
occurs frequently." K. Nachimuthu

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