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Thu May 13 15:09:58 UTC 1999

--- Vidyasankar Sundaresan  wrote:

> as the cozhadeSattu vaDamas seem to have
> been in the Tanjavur area
> from the 9th century or so, and I would assume that
> some of them became
> SrIvaishNavas too.

For example Sri NAthamuni, grandfather of Sri
YAmunAchArya was from vIranArayaNapuram which has been
considered in his time as cOzadEcam and has been
documented in the tradition as a vaDama .

I'm not sure if the geographical focus is
significantly affected as it's not clear if the vaDama
were to be found in significant numbers in points
further south of ThanjAvur, uRaiyUr areas. Indeed this
has historically been the locus of the vaDama's (
i.e., southward from Kanchipuram till the cOzadEcam)
in Tamilnadu until a few centuries ago. Are you
perhaps aware of significantly different distribution
at that time e.g., in Tirunelveli etc?

For the present discussion, the Anbil plates may throw
some light but unfortunately  I don't have access to

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