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Vidyasankar Sundaresan vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed May 12 21:46:31 UTC 1999

Lakshmi Srinivas <lsrinivas at YAHOO.COM> wrote:

>In aid of a clearer picture, let me add that
>historically  the vaDama's were from the
>Kanchipuram-North Arcot area while the cOziA's were
>from modern Thanjavur district and points further

There is a further sub-division among vaDamas,. The people from
Kanchipuram-Arcot areas being called vaDadeSattu vaDamas and the vaDamas in
the Tanjavur area are called cozhadeSattu vaDamas. The latter are distinct
from the cozhias. The vaDadeSattu vaDamas refer to their cozhadeSa brethren
as 'tekkEttiyAn' (southerners). This could complicate the geographical
picture, as the cozhadeSattu vaDamas seem to have been in the Tanjavur area
from the 9th century or so, and I would assume that some of them became
SrIvaishNavas too.


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