Srimad Bhagavatam, Caytanya Caritmrita

Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Wed May 12 14:36:41 UTC 1999

Mr. Jonsson:

Are  you  asking  this  question  within  the  context  of  the
Caitanya  SampradAya  or  outside  it?

If  outside,  then  it  depends  on  what  Hindu  group  you  are
talking  of.  For  example,  in  the  RAmAnuja  and  the  MADhva
SampradAyas,  all  three,  i.e.  RAmAyaNa,  BhArata  and  BhAgavata  are
all  considered  equally  authoritative.  Though  a  rider  may  be  put
here.  When  the  RAmAnujites  refer  to  the  "PurANaratna"  they  mean
the  ViShNupurANa,  whereas  when  the  Madhvites  refer  to  the
"PurANaratna"  they  mean  the  BhAgavatapurANa.  Anyways,  the
Caitanya  CaritAmRta  would  not  be  considered  either  canonical  or
authoritative  by  any  Hindu  group  OUTSIDE  the  Caitanya

If  inside  the  Caitanya  tradition,  the  Srimad  BhAgvatam  is  given
the  highest  status.


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