Does Purusha will?

Ferenc Ruzsa f_ruzsa at ISIS.ELTE.HU
Tue May 11 17:37:51 UTC 1999

Vidyasankar Sundaresan wrote:
>> in the SK there are clearly eleven indriyas, see SK 24-27, 49. Thirteen
>> is the number of the components of the antaHkaraNa.
> Well, it seems as if the SK leaves one with a choice, but itself prefers
> thirteen.

Sorry for the lapsus: thirteen is obviously the number of the components of
the karaNa.
As for the number of indriyas, to me the SK text seems unambiguous. sAttvika
ekAdazakaH pravartate vaikRtAd ahaMkArAt, the sattvic group of eleven
originates from the vaikRta ahaMkAra (SK 25), and the eleven is the ten
indriyas plus manas, which is also an indriya, being similar (indriyaM ca
sAdharmyAt, SK 26-27). As they originate from (one aspect of) the ahaMkAra,
they cannot in any way include the buddhi or the ahaMkAra.

Regards, Ferenc

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