Tanagalai and Vadagalai

Swaminathan Madhuresan smadhuresan at YAHOO.COM
Tue May 11 17:28:04 UTC 1999

"kalai" is the term always used, kalai(= Skt. kalA). I heard that Skt.
 kalA is from Ta. kalai, the root being Tamil 'kal' (=to dig, to learn),
(Is it given in Mayrhofer or DED?).

Also, vaDakalai sect always revered Alvars' works, In fact,
Vedanta Desikan's Tamil poems are very good & one of a kind.
Among Srivaishnavas, I know vaDakalai folks coming from
non-brahmin castes and who do not know Sanskrit at all.

I do not think the following info is correct.


--- nanda chandran <vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> Isn't the word pronounced as "kazhlai" rather than "kalai", in Tengalai and
> Vadagalai. If so, wouldn't it refer to the Tamizh world "kazhlai" which
> means "branch" ie the Northern branch and the Southern branch of
> Vishistadvaitam.
> And isn't one of the major differences between the two streams, the
> acceptance of scriptures only in Samskrutam (by the Northerners) to the
> rejection of the works in Tamizh accepted by the Southerners?

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