Tanagalai and Vadagalai

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Mon May 10 18:46:32 UTC 1999

--- "N. Ganesan"  wrote:

> Was originally vaTakalai referring to the
> Kanchipuram school
> which is little North and  where Sanskrit was more
> weighed
> compared to tenkalai referring to the Srirangam
> school
> which gave more importance to Alvars?

I can't say for sure. But the formal vaDakalai Tamil
term for tenkalai is tennAchArya sampradAyam which
means the "tradition of the Southern teachers".

But the suggestion is quite plausible as vaDakalai's
tend to be concentrated mostly in the Northern
districts of Tamilnadu viz., North Arcot, South Arcot,
Chingleput etc.. Also, a majority of vaDakalai
families in Thanjavur and Pudukkottai districts seem
to have migrated in the last few centuries from
villages in the Kanchipuram area.  The same, I think,
is true of vaDakalai Srivaishnava families in
Karnataka and Andhra.

Perhaps the term is geographical in connotation but
the geography is probably intra-Tamilnadu.

Thanks and Warm Regards.

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