Visistadvaita Vedanta etc.

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<< As is the case with most North Indians, we do not have any
  strong sectarian affiliations (except the Arya Samajists) and are quite
  catholic in our religious practices.>>

Sri Iyer wrote:
I would like to know if you or members of your devotional community
trace any spiritual lineage to somebody like Ramanuja. If so, who are
the links in this chain? Since you mentioned AzvArs in one of your
earlier postings, among the Agarwals  how widespread is the knowledge about

Vishal Replies:
None. I acquired the knowledge of Sri Vaisnavism personally and via Dr. V.
Narayanan, who was my Guru. Agarwals are not familiar with Alvars.
In my family, My paternal grandfather was an Arya Samajist, Paternal
Grandmother was a Sanatani Vaishnava, Father is a devotee of Lord Hanuman,
my spouse is a Sahadadhari Sikh (and her family hails from Bahawalpur,
Multan and Jhang--all in Pakistan now), brother is an atheist, my Maternal
Grandparents (with whom I spent my entire childhood) are Punjabi Hindus from
Lahore and Amritsar and believe in Vaishno devi and the Sikh Gurus!!! My
mother reveres Vedanta and also Buddhism. So, as a family, we donot have any
sectarian affiliation.



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