Ramananda's role in north Indian bhakti

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I am not aware if Tuslidasaji met Sant Kabirdas. I do not recall the exact
dates of their lives but Tulsidasaji was born around 1523 C.E. and by that
time, Sant Kabir, even ifhe were alive, was very old and passed away soon.
So, a meeting of the two is quite improbable.

In our childhood, we were told the following story about the meeting of
Ramananda Svami and Sant Kabir-" Sant Ramananda was a Telugu Brahmin who had
emigrated to Kashi and spread the name of Sri Rama there. Sant Kabir was
looking for a Satguru, and hearing the fame of Svami Ramanda, he desired to
approach him. But since he was a Julaha (weaver) raised by Muslim parents,
he was hesistant to approach him (even though Svami Ramananda had several
other low caste disciples). So one morning, when it was time for Svami
Ramananda to descend the Ghats of Kashi for his ablutions, Sant Kabir lay
down on one of the steps. Sant Ramanda, stepped on him and oblvious of this
fact, he proceeded forward, being lost in chanting 'Ram Ram.' When Sant
Kabir heard these words, he was elated exclaimed that he had now obtained
the Mantra.

Beyond this information, I am sure a lot must have been written in books,
but I am familiar only with the folklore.

Portions of works of Kabir and Tulasi are taught as a part of Hindi
literature all over North India to school children and I still remember
several passages learnt thus in my childhood.



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Subject: Ramananda's role in north Indian bhakti
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I would appreciate if anybody could give any information connecting
Ramananda, Kabirdas,  and Tulasidas. Thanks in advance.

S. Palaniappan

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